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Bryan Ziegenfuse


About Bryan Ziegenfuse

Bryan Ziegenfuse is a born leader. He has always naturally gravitated towards leadership type roles and has taken the reigns with every job he’s ever excelled in. He has always pushed himself hard enough to be consistently recognized by others. Bryan’s philosophy on finances has always been to hold himself accountable for all of the choices he makes. Because of this, he is able to pass this wisdom along to his customers. 

As the Managing Partner of I Fund Philly, Bryan Ziegenfuse is leading the charge in building a reliable lender for real estate investors to turn to. Despite being a small business, they are an innovative service organization that is super-focused on their clientele. Common sense, asset-based lending is their other focus, and their superior underwriting experience keeps them ahead of their competitors. Because of a building background, they understand the struggles that fellow builders face. They delight in seeing people grow in their careers and being able to be an advocate for them as they improve their livelihoods.

Bryan’s talents include a history of strategic and prudent approaches. He has years of education and experience behind him in the financial planning sector, specifically in the realm of asset management, capital markets, and financial restructuring. He also has experience building strong financial models and acting as a negotiator and advisor while handling complex contracts and is highly sought after by fellow business leaders for his sensible approach to problem-solving.  

Bryan Ziegenfuse has always been a numbers guy. He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from Penn State University. After graduation, Bryan worked for years as a financial analyst at IBM before being promoted to the Director of Corporate Strategy for GMAC/Residential Capital Corporation. In this position, he helped both the Chief Financial Officer and senior management team prepare for a multi-level, complex bankruptcy filing. In addition to performing all due diligence jobs, he was in charge of the financial modeling to help maximize remaining assets. 

In his next role as a Senior Trader, he oversaw the purchasing of mortgages from national lenders, as well as invoke his own custom strategies to preserve cost margins and protect against sudden negative changes in asset value. 

In his next position as Vice President of Servicing Strategy, Bryan was in charge of major company proposals that helped lower operating costs. He was also in charge of both existing and new risk management competencies and helped improve company culture and morale. 

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