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One of the problems of post-pandemic is how people will operate in office space. It will soon be safer for people to go back to work as the government continues rolling out the vaccine. However, employees are used to working from home under their terms. Therefore, flexibility in office space after the pandemic is a critical point to consider.

Choosing When People Should Go To Work

The post-pandemic office space will have to consider conditions of when people should go to the office. During the pandemic, many organizations allowed their employees to work remotely. As a result, people will find it hard to work from the office after the pandemic.

Organizations need to be flexible and allow people to come to the office only when essential. The fact that employees are still working in the organization means that they have proven effective even by working from home. However, employees may need to come to the office for annual general meetings or any other important event.

Methods of Communication

Organizations will also need to be flexible in the mode of communication in post-pandemic. During the pandemic, most organizations utilized Zoom and Google Meet as the primary method of communication.

Maintaining the communication method used during the pandemic will minimize altering employees’ lives. People will not have to worry about being late for an 8 am meeting due to traffic. However, online meetings are not sufficient since the host cannot be sure that they communicate effectively. Therefore, physical meetings can be more effective.


Organizations need to be flexible in how they supervise and manage employees. The mode of management that worked in the office space before the pandemic may not be useful. During the pandemic, employees became autonomous in their work and time. They work any time they want as long as they beat the deadline.

Therefore, employees may spend their office hours doing what they want even after the pandemic. However, such behavior can easily irritate the manager who wants to keep an eye on everything the employees do.

Flexibility in office space will not be easy after the pandemic. Organizations will need to consider how to accommodate the pandemic lifestyle of their employees.