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Adult life is jam-packed with stressful days that only multiply in time. As appealing as hiding under the covers until peace comes around again sounds, the obligations of tomorrow await. But instead of walking into the next day reeking of the stressful scent of yesterday, heed these powerful tips to unwind before nightfall.


Find a Physical Release


Anyone who thinks that exercise isn’t enough to decompress after a stress-ridden day has never taken a kickboxing class or met a good pilates instructor. Exercise is a scientifically-proven technique to help lower stress hormones, and the results are almost immediate. So whether it is a long walk in the park or a much-needed weightlifting session, spring into action.


Dive Right Into Comfort


When life is cruel, we must even the score with comfort. Choose an act of pleasure, like purchasing a new blouse, visiting the day spa, binging a new series, or devouring a couple of sweet treats. Just make sure that it isn’t something that will be regrettable tomorrow.


Let It Out


While the day may be over, its remnants still have the power of eating away at the future. For those that aren’t good at letting things go promptly, venting to a friend may help. A non-judgemental listening ear can undo a lot of damage. Still, it may be more beneficial for those lacking a confidant to consult with a therapist or journal any lingering thoughts.




After burning the edge off and indulging in a healthy amount of pleasure, it is time to wind down in preparation for the next day, which is sure to bear better fruit. When exhaustion arises, it is best to go to bed earlier than usual, but before fluffing the pillows, set the tone for a restful night. Burn a candle or incense for aromatherapy; read a chapter or so of a positive, uplifting book; turn on some meditation music. Once things start to settle, get some shut-eye.


While they are nothing to look forward to, stressful days are inevitable. The best thing that anyone can do is learn how to nurture themselves so that they can move past those challenging moments and more readily conquer what lies ahead better.