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Every CEO plays a crucial role in the success of their companies. As a CEO, one should be ready to carry out your responsibilities effectively, including managing employees, clients, competitors, and partners, alongside your product sales. To be a strong leader, you should answer and follow the following steps.

1. Strategy definition: Answer the “what question.”
The first step is answering the “what question.” As a CEO, you should figure out what problem your company is trying to solve. After establishing the problem, ask yourself what makes your solution unique and different from those available in the market.
As the company leader, you need to know your customers’ needs, market position, and competitors. After defining your strategy, select a team, share the vision with them, and allocate resources to achieve your dream.

2. Team selection: Answer the “who question.”
The second step consists of the “who question.” Consequently, this is the most crucial stage because a minor mistake of selecting the wrong team may lead to the failure of your business. As a competent leader, you should look for the most talented teams with diverse thoughts and who are different from you.
A great leader recognizes that they can’t do it all by themselves. Therefore, you should allow your team to play their roles without interfering. By doing so, you will enable them to capitalize on their strengths and accommodate each other’s weaknesses, leading to the incredible growth of your company.

3. Vision sharing: Answer the “why question.”
The third step is the “why question.” You should ask yourself, “Why should I open another office?” or “Why introduce a new product service or line?” Great leaders involve their employees in making major decisions. Make it a habit to communicate regularly to your employees, clients, and partners. Ensure that they understand where your business is heading, thus building confidence in your business

4. Resources allocation: Answer the “how question.”
The fourth step involves answering the “How question.” As a leader, you should ensure that the business vision and strategy are clear to all stakeholders. Ask yourself questions like: “Are resources allocation enough towards product development?”, “Are new staff members up to the task?”, and “Is the business capable of making new acquisitions?” After answering these questions, look for ways the company will follow to achieve its set goals.

5. Performance management: The feedback loop.
The fifth and final step is the feedback loop. As the company’s CEO, your primary duty is to focus on the future of the company. Nevertheless, it is essential to analyze the past by looking at how well the business performed against its set goals. Adjust where necessary, and modify your approach to make your goals achievable.

By following the above-outlined steps, you will equip yourself with great leadership skills. Therefore, it’s time to make your leadership different.