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Self-care has been thrown around so much lately that it looks like more of a trend than a necessity to maintain wholeness and sanity. As marketers respond to the everyday person’s search for nurturing, there has been an influx of products claiming to be the key to self-care. As people continue to celebrate with fancy bottles of champagne and relaxing face masks, they find a void that has yet to be filled. This is simply because self-care is far more involved than these trivial, momentary fixes. Here is what this concept truly embodies.


Self-Care Is Prioritizing Physical Health


Weekly vacations to the most luxurious islands of the land still aren’t enough to undo the damage caused by consistently choosing foods and activities that drain, damage, and torment the body. True self-care emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself from the inside out. This means fueling the body with nutritious foods and remaining active to keep health levels in check, hormones regulated, and spirits high.


Self-Care Is Fostering Healthy Relationships


Maintaining unhealthy boundaries and holding on to toxic relationships is the opposite of self-care. Taking care of oneself means choosing bonds that are both loving and supportive. On a relentless pursuit for peace of mind, say goodbye to unnecessary stress and drama. Tend to relationships that breed more solutions than problems and compliments over insults.


Self-Care Is Responding to That Inner Voice


Everyone has an inner voice that communicates their personal needs and desires, and when it is ignored, peace can never be attained. While a glass of wine and a bubble bath may offer temporary relief, one might mistake these things as the cure when all they needed was time to themselves. Money can’t buy the peace acquired from meditating, correcting a negative mindset, leaving a hostile work environment, or taking control over physical circumstances. And while the problem area can be unclear at times, making an effort to sit in silence can bring about a lot of clarity.


Self-care can be played out in various ways, but the end result is always the same. If someone is truly taking care of themselves, they will experience the endless love, compassion, strength, and tranquility that the universe has to offer.